A little background

In order to allow people with disabilities the opportunity to browse the Internet seamlessly, just like everyone else, we have invested enormous efforts in building advanced technology that will allow publishers to give access to their site for use by people with disabilities and expose the information available on the site population Another important.

The site undertakes to provide to the public user of the Site content as accessible as possible, regardless of the technology to build the site. We are working to update and implement the principles of accessibility as far as possible, in accordance with the principles of accessibility standards. The site is accessibility and level 2 (AA) of the device .WCAG second access site is optimized major browsers:

Using Andi UA

The menu of Andi (Have you noticed a small figure logo? Her name is Andi.) knows how to work with major browsers:

Support for assistive technologies

Andi supports assistive technologies by using laws ARIA.

How do I use the component Andi?

Technology Andi UA works in several ways to allow accessibility to the maximum of the site, both through the Accessibility menu and by interfacing with various elements of the site .

Accessibility menu posted on the site. To open the menu, you can click on the icon located in the upper part of the site or you can click the keyboard button “F10”. To close the menu, press the button or press closing button in the keyboard “ESC”. F1 to return to this page from anywhere on the site.

When entering the menu for the first time be able to choose your interface language, supports multiple languages, and the display size you want. Every step you can change your settings setup button located at the top of the menu.

If you click on the button “Enabling Accessibility will take you to the menu access composed of two parts:

Main Menu

Text size

Lets you select and change the size of text that appears on the site, using a magnifying glass that gives growing locally, localized controlled by user and / or by raising and lowering automatic text throughout the site , at the touch of a button.


Lets you select and change the colors of the site and create customization of color scheme by changing the background colors of the site, site title or text on the site or alternatively, changing the contrast throughout the site, with the click of a button.

How do the customization?

After choosing the background color, headlines or text has to approve the choice by pressing the V, and then the selected color will be marked on the right side of the square choice.

Accessibility Mouse

allows you to change the mouse cursor color or black and white.

Finding The Right

You can find the mouse position on the screen, by clicking on the” CTRL “.

Highlighting the link underlined

allows detection site links not only with link color, but by highlighting the link using underlined.

Change font more readable

Font ARIEL most readable font determined in accordance with accessibility. Convert button font, allowing the site owner to keep the design freedom in selecting fonts site while providing choice a person with disabilities to change the font of ARIEL each site with the click of a button.

Lighting Accessibility menu and right click the mouse

Running this button, change the settings right mouse button, that when clicked anywhere on the site will operate an abbreviated menu of access to the main operations. You can disable this function on the left side bottom of the menu, opened by clicking the right mouse button.

Reset all the adjustments

returns the site to its default settings.

Accessibility Statement

This document can be accessed by pressing F1 on the keyboard

Optimization Tips

At the bottom The menu appears Icon lamp that opens a form to provide feedback and suggestions for optimizing accessibility of the site. Your feedback is important to us In order to improve accessibility.

Menu My personal (Andy Yu version only)

This menu allows, through the study user”s surfing habits, use of a more accessible site.

Continue surfing spot earlier that termination of surfing

allows the surfer to go back to where you last stopped the glide website his visit.

Add this page to favorites

allows the surfer to add the page in detail within the site to the list of preferred internal site itself could return home pages he likes spillovers to come.

Display favorites list

Displays the list of selected pages.

At some sites installed additional options such as:

Full support for keyboard navigation

Fast navigation support between regions

The site is divided into areas such as the central content area or region versatile menu. At the beginning of each zone there is Heading 3, with the name of the region to arrival. Some of the headlines are also links you used to skip over that area and it will help you get faster to the requested content. For example it is possible to skip to the main content from the top.

Color change focus depending on the background.

Virtual Keyboard for filling out forms

You can display a virtual keyboard to enlarge it with the mouse.

Hide mouse cursor while typing

If the mouse is on the field form when typing Andi will take care to hide it until you type.

Quick Links between the outline of the article

allows opening menu at the top of the article that shows the outline that enables quick understanding of the structure of the article and relevant content in it for me, and skip directly specific part within the article.

For your convenience Below are details of the keyboard shortcuts:

How to browse the site easily using a screen reader?

In addition to these keyboard shortcuts, users of screen reader can consult the following abbreviations: (right rabbi screen reader software )

Accessibility Forms

There forms broad support for assistive technologies. For example: support the reading errors by screen reader software.

Accessibility menu

You can navigate using the keyboard or screen reader easily reach sub menu.

Adding support feature Teitel (Tool Tip) for users of keyboard

The information of tulle tip also appears when navigating with a keyboard.

Support Bsliidrim (changing slides)

There is a button on each slide slideshow that makes it easier for users of keyboard and screen reading software users by deploying one slides under the other. When pressing the button beside a scroll bar will appear and you can scroll through using the arrows or switch from slide to slide by clicking on the tab on the keyboard.

Little long list that Andi knows to make accessible …

Have a problem?

Tell us! We try to keep and maintain the best level site. If you find and / or are having problems browsing the site and accessibility in particular, do not hesitate to report via the contact form. So that we can address the problem in the best way, please attach full details as possible:

We”ll take care of the problem and get back to you with details on its handling.

Please note

While browsing the site may come across a page / others have not been sufficiently accessible to.